Skip Hire Permit Requirements in Gravesend - From Your Local Gravesend Requirements Experts

Skip Hire Gravesend advise that if you plan on situating your skip on an a pubic area, such as the roadside you will need to have a permit from your local council. Skip Hire Gravesend would like to point out that If you choose to position your skip on a property that you own then you will not require a permit.

Skip Hire Gravesend advise that The average price for a skip permit is £60-100, however this can vary depending on your area and how long you need the skip for . You may be ordered to put brandings or lights surrounding your Skip Hire Gravesend skip hire reckoning on your situations, such as night lights and road cones which Skip Hire Gravesend can also supply.


Understanding Skip Permit Requirements in Gravesend and Kent

Although you will not require a permit for a Skip Hire Gravesend skip positioned in a private property, if the skip lorry has to cross a public footway for gaining accress you must design a makeshift crossing.

Your district authority may also need you to have the name written down as well as the current address of your skip company on the skip which Skip Hire Gravesend also supply.


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If you need any additional information on your own permit requirements, then our friendly advisors at Skip Hire Gravesend can provide you with detailed instruction and do the permit arrangements on your behalf so please call on 01474 630043.

Skip Hire Gravesend offer warning that if you are unable to give the required lights and markings you can be panalized up to £1000, so it is really worth while ensuring that these are in place.

Kent skip permits generally last for either 1, 2 or 4 weeks depending on your area, however many can be revived for an extra fee.

To speak with one of Skip Hire Gravesend friendly advisors regarding the requirements of a skip permit, please call us on 01474 630043 or address us an email on [email protected]. Skip Hire Gravesend are capable of acquiring the skip permit on your behalf, resident authorities regularly desire to speak with the company directly so this is a better choice for everyone.

Skip Hire Gravesend Skip Hire Across Kent

Skip Hire Gravesend can help you so you can request for a skip permit on the Direct Gov website, you will need to fill in a short form with all the pertinent details of your region's official authority.

Skip Hire Gravesend advise that you would call for a skip licence for skips, hippo bags and skip bags before any of these will be put into place.

A skip permit in Kent will usually take around 4 days to be issued so please provide for this time span when arranging your hire dates through Skip Hire Gravesend.

Once the permit has been issued, Skip Hire Gravesend will be able to deliver the skip to your property in Kent as soon through the require.